On breaking the shackles of fear that had engulfed me in my journey abroad

When I decided to move abroad, one of the first things that got me excited about the idea was ‘to explore’. Explore, I was all about exploring, about finding something new to see, something new to experience, something new to understand, something new to absorb.

The more I dived into…

Photo by Akil Mazumder from Pexels

Two weeks ago I did a series of five videos capturing the deep and meaningful lessons I learned through introspection, an inward analysis of self, and an outward analysis of my environment, surrounding, and the ways we as a human community dealt with the pandemic.

Here’s an article summarising these…

Courage is not taught,
Courage is learned.

Voice is not a given,
It is earned.

Opinion is not free,
It comes with a cost.

Decisions are not easy,
They break things apart.

If you are waiting for someone to come pat your back,
You will be waiting a really long time…

Photo by Nilay Ramoliya from Pexels


I take responsibility.
Of the past and the present and the future.
Of everything, I have been and I will be.
I take responsibility for the choices and their consequences.

In isolation, I take responsibility for my solitude.
In indecision, I take responsibility for my words.
In rejection, I take responsibility…

There’s a suddenness, a sullenness. There are me and my being quite impromptu ruptured unto this portal, a realization of sorts.

The huge weight lifting from upon my shoulders, then my body, then my heart, and then my soul.

There’s this realization of the existence of another, an other being…

Have you tried real, unguarded, absolutely vulnerable raw honesty with anyone? Have you received such honesty from someone?

How we are so obsessed as a society to keep pretending that everything is so well and good we have lost touch with being honest with our own selves. Even on the rare occasions that we are honest with ourselves, we are often completely filled with doubts about that honesty.

Embracing my giant colossal mess is all 2020 has been about.

From goals, ambitions, directions, plans, failures, setbacks, heartbreaks, and uncertainty to acceptance, vulnerability, fortitude, strength, tears, inconsolable giant bucket and tubs full of tears, a rare and open breeding ground of my humanity, empathy, and lack of visibility- this year has been all about the giant colossal mess of a…

Christmas 2018!

I’ve often been commented upon and said “You love yourself, don’t you?” Or I’ll hear “That’s a self-obsession” or I’ll even get sometimes “You’re selfish cause you only think about yourself”

And I wonder “Well, don’t you?”

It is as if society is designed to make you feel…

Picture clicked in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

What broke me once scares me,
Like a shard of glass on the corner of the street,
Right where I take a turn,
It etches in my skin a scar forever,
A scar that breaks every nimble bone.

What scares me sometimes is what heals me,
Some nights of sullen soft…

Rumana Shaikh

The only freedom is the freedom to allow yourself to be the best version of self, and hence allow change. Ponder, read, write, explore and grow.

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